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Dongyi Culture Museum Lighting Design

Author:Bill.Wu    Issuing time:2016-06-25

Dongyi culture museum is located in northwestern of Linyi economic and technological development zone ,at the south of Huangshan,planed and designed by China architecture design and research institute,covering 50 acres,construction area of 17,708 square meters。Planning for collection, exhibition, research, exhibition academic exchanges and other functions as one of the museum of history and culture ,it would full display Dongyi cultural historical development,reproduce the scene of the people's production and living conditions 。 

1. Positioning and classification of museums

From the museum category,we divided it into historical museum. 

But it is located in Shandong,a small city museum want to create its strengths and qualities, the owner has a unique planning-

Become the first domestic museum who takes Dongyi culture as its theme!So it would stand out from the Chinese prefecture-level city museum!

What are the connotations of Dongyi culture?

Dongyi,It is an important part of Huaxia,Dongyi at Zhou Dynasty,the ancients of Han nationality generally refers them that who live in east but not Huaxia。Dating back 8300 years ago,it began at Houlee culture。Dongyi culture through beixin culture (since about 7300 years)、Dawenkou Culture (since about 6500)、Longshan culture (since about 4500 years)、Yue Shi culture (since about 3900 years),These different stages of culture were all created by Dongyi 。 

Dongyi created a splendid culture,the earliest bows and arrows was invented  by dongyi and they good at archery.    

From bird totem worship,a variety of handicraft,architectural technology,create a character, gossip creation, medicine creation,etc.And then to Etiquette showed ,Settlement,cities form and develop and even the early countries formation, had produced significant and lasting influence on Chinese civilization.

2。 Determine the tone of lighting

To better understanding of the depth of its conntation and determine its basic requirements,we are not only talking to the owners but also talk to the architect and interior designer.

Dongyi culture museum is china's first museum who using all-round display Dongyi culture as the theme.

  • Through artifacts were beautifully displayed ,Dongyi culture its historical context would clearly exhibited. 

  • Through sound light electricity and other displayed again,Dongyi people's production and living would vivid displayed again.

  • Through academic report,cultural forum and other activities,it's beneficial for carry forward Dongyi culture's broad and deep.

Museum equipped with eight exhibition halls and two cinemas:Dongyi culture history exhibition(From prehistoric times to the Qin)、Archaeological exhibition hall、Custom exhibition hall、Agricultural exhibition hall、Crafts exhibition hall、Handicraft exhibition hall、Social exhibition hall and Yi Xia converged Hall.

Basement one for the theater and the preface hall,the preface hall with a glass roof,adopt natural light,the middle hall connected with the preface hall,this also had a part of the natural light.

The first layer had two exhibition hall,increased experience area and interactive area,Due to this space have more children so the illumination should be improved. 

For full expression Dongyi culture's characteristic,museum through emboss to running through the all interior space,these involves to the first layer hall,the middle hall and the preface hall its passage wall and second floor's four emboss,a total of 19 pictures,the performance of subjects through brirds theme mainly in birds totem worship,Various arts and crafts,Architecture Technology Development,word creation, gossip creation, medicine creation,etc。And then to Etiquette appears,Settlement,cities Differentiation as well as the early states forming,to show Dongyi clture who influences chinese culture and make it as the target,condensed Dongyi clture theme,heighten the museum clture ambiance,let the audience visit in the museum it also could fall their deep feelings in splendid dongyi civilization since 6000 years ago.



against above -mentioned feature.,我们在考虑照明设计时,确定其基调












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